Following the enactment of the Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act, 1993, AMTOI (Association of Multimodal Operators of India) was established in the year 1998.
The main objects of the Association are to
• To organize Multimodal Transport Operators at national level
• To study the issues faced by MTOs and seek resolution with appropriate authorities
• To promote multimodal transport services in Domestic and foreign trade
• To improve the quality of such services and reduce transaction costs
• To facilitate Skill Development for Logistics Sector
• To Promote implementation of Cargo Community System

Our Organization

AMTOI is registered as a non-profit making body under the Indian Companies Act and its core managing committee consists of seven members.
The managing Committee is supplemented by Special Invitees who are experts in the industry. AMTOI has Extended Board that has nominated representatives from other trade bodies like ACAAI, ACTO, CSLA, CAI, CFSAI, FFFAI, FEDSAI, INSA, IPPTA and WISTA.

Our Endeavor

We at AMTOI have always endeavored to have a harmonious maritime community to bring consensus amongst all segments of our community, whilst making representations to various authorities and promote Multimodalism in India.

AMTOI is working very closely with other Trade Bodies to formally set up a Confederation of Logistics Associations.

AMTOI in Government Policy Making

Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways has invited AMTOI to forward their suggestions for the inclusion of Multimodal Transport as the 4th pillar in the Multimodal Transport Services (MTS) and has further invited our representation on various Expert Groups and committees.

Our views have been sought on various topics such as GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services) negotiations for maritime transport services sector. AMTOI has been involved in the following policies and legislations:
• Deliberations on Shipping Trade Practices Act.
• MMTG Act amendments.
• Drafting of Coastal Shipping Policy.
• Drafting of International Shipping Policy.
• Simplification of renewal process as a MTO with DG shipping.
• Standing Committee for Promotion of Exports, SCOPE Shipping.
• Implementation of Cargo Community System.
• Policy Level Changes to get Registered MTO’s to operate bonded warehouses have been recommended by AMTOI.


AMTOI has two-tier membership
• Ordinary members who are registered as MTOs with D.G. Shipping.
• Associate members who are not MTOs, but are actively connected with multimodal transport operations.

Advantage AMTOI

Recognition in the Industry as a certified AMTOI member, AMTOI is known for commitment to the cause of promoting Multimodal Transport.
• AMTOI membership certificate can be prominently displayed in the office and AMTOI logo can be used on your stationary, website and other collaterals.
• Participation in various Training sessions and seminars organized by AMTOI.
• Weekly updates on Shipping Industry through AMTOI Weekly bulletin.
• Participation in Annual AMTOI event and get to meet who’s who in the industry which is an excellent platform for networking.
• Assistance in registration/renewal of MTO License.
• GRF (Grievance Redressal Forum), a platform to air your grievances with various private and Govt authorities and AMTOI organizational support to resolve them.
• Have a say in drafting and amendment of various Maritime related laws.
• Become a part of the only trade body which caters to the benefits of the MTO’s.

Trade Services

AMTOI is engaged in numerous trade services, the important ones are as follows:
• ‘AMTOI News’, a quarterly newsletter is released for our members and trade at large on different aspects of multimodal transport and related activities and keeps them informed about important developments in this field in India and abroad.
• ‘AMTOI Weekly’, a weekly mailer to keep all our members informed of local and international news pertaining to Multimodal trade.
• AMTOI Day, an event to get all the stake holders related to Multimodal transportation together on a common platform and to celebrate the achievements of the year gone by and announce next year’s action plan.
• Organize seminars and workshops on topics related to Multimodal Transport.
• Conduct training and Skill Development courses in multimodal transport.
• Framing a code of conduct for multimodal transport operators.
• Drafting of Standard Coastal Bill of Lading
• Fostering the implementation of Cargo Community System.

AMTOI Online

As members of the trade, now you can go to AMTOI web portal and seek the required information online

AMTOI Representation in the Trade

AMTOI representation is sought on various trade bodies and is currently represents on various committees such as
• National Co-ordination Agency.
(a) Standing Committee on Promotion of Exports (SCOPE) by sea.
(b) Standing Committee on Promotion of Exports (SCOPE) by Air.
• Committee for drafting of an act for regulating the activities of Freight Forwarders and other intermediaries.
• Committee for drafting of proposed Maritime Policy.
• Representation in PTFC (Permanent Trade Facilitation Committees constituted by Customs) across locations in India.
• Committee for Amendment of the Multimodal Transportation of Goods Act, 1993 and many more…