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amtoi membership entry

Application Form
  1. Application Form Download
  1. MTO/Non MTO’s can fill the application to enroll as AMTOI Regular Members/Associate Member and forward the same to
  2. New Members can also download the Application and fill it manually
  3. Furnish application and annexure on your "Letter Head".
  4. For Regular Membership, attach Scan copies of the following
    (a) Copy of PAN card of the Company. (b) GST Certificate Copy (C) ROC / Certificate of Incorporation (d) Any Two address proofs of Company Address (e) Valid MTO License Copy (f) Valid Insurance Copy (g) KYC of any one of the Director (h) A brief Summary of the Background of your Company.
  5. For Associate Membership, attach Scan copies of the following
    Same documents as Regular Membership except points (e) Valid MTO License Copy & (f) Valid Insurance Copy.
  6. Once we receive the documents along with the Application form and supporting documents, we will scrutinize the same and if found in order, we will put it up to the Managing Committee for approval.
  7. Post approval by the Managing Committee we will inform you and subsequently you can arrange for relevant payment through NEFT/RTGS for which our bank details are given at the end of the application.
  8. The fee paid by a new member is valid for that corresponding Financial year only.