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    Dear AMTOI Members,


    There has been a request from the AMTOI Members for permission of usage of the AMTOI Logo on the Advertising & Promotional Material of the Members. We are pleased to inform you that AMTOI not just approves the usage of AMTOI Logo for the aforesaid purposes but in fact AMTOI recommends Members to use AMTOI Logo for following purposes subject to conditions laid herein under.

    v  Members can use the logo on Stationary, Presentations, Advertisement       material like Brochures & Leaflet; Exhibition Stalls & Media Advertisements such as:

    • Letterhead
    • Promotional material such as brochures
    • Website (Kindly give Link to AMTOI Website
    • In respect of visiting card the logo can be used on the back side only.
    • Signets such as hoardings, Board and vehicle.

    v  Usage of Logo is subject to following conditions:

    • Logo should be displayed as Member of AMTOI on the letter head or stationary of the member & should not in any way appear to be the letterhead or other stationery belonging to AMTOI.
    • Logo should not be used on transport documents like BL, LR, AWB, etc.
    • Logo can be used by the Member but not by its subsidiaries, associate concerns, sister organisations.
    • LOGO shall strictly confirm to the colour scheme or black & white as specified below when appearing in at any of the above places. (Sample enclosed with colour code).
    • LOGO shall appear in the following sizes or proportionately without any distortion. (refer sample for size/ proportion).
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    usage of AMTOI logo
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