Recommendation on Insurance Policy for MTO

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    Insurance Policy for MTO
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    Dear Members,

    As per MMTG Act 1993, registered MTO is required to obtain suitable Insurance Policy to cover the risks of Multimodal Transport of Goods.

    Members are complying with this requirement of the Act, however the standard policies offered by the Insurance companies may not suitably or adequately cover the risks involved.

    A sub-committee of the members of the Managing Committee was inducted to compile guidelines for the reference of members while negotiating or renewing this insurance cover with the underwriters.  These guidelines are “NON MANDATORY” and only for Members reference.

    AMTOI does neither recommends any particular insurance company nor the type of Insurance policy members should take.  The members are requested to select the Insurance Company of their choice and negotiate the terms and clauses most suited for their line of business.


    Best Regards,
    Capt R. Sindhwani
    Director General

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    Recommendation on Insurance Policy for MTO
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