Assistance in Renewal of MTO licence from the office of DG Shipping

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    Dear AMTOI Members,

    Greetings from AMTOI Secretariat !

    We have been given to understand from the DG Shipping that at present there are no issues with respect to Renewal of their MTO Licences, and as such there are no licence renewal application pending at the office of DG Shipping, only pending applications are wherein there are queries requested from DG Office and awaiting response from the Applicant.

    We would request that if you or any other MTO’s are having difficulty with reference to their MTO renewals, you are kindly requested to bring this to the notice of AMTOI, so that we can suitably take up the matter with Directorate General of Shipping.

    If any members who are facing difficulty please list out the challenges faced in the follow format:

    Company Name                                              :

    MTO. No.                                                       :

    Expiry Date of MTO DGS No.                          :

    If Renewal is Submitted, Date of Submission :

    Should be 60 days prioir to to Expiry Date)

    Contact Person in your company                    :

    Telephone number of the Contact person       :

    Issue / Problem faced                                   :


    Best Regards,Vivek Kele

    Hon. Secretary

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    Assistance in Renewal of MTO licence from the office of DG Shipping
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