member :

1 Membership Year :
2 Full Name of the Applicant :
3 PAN Number of Applicant (attach copy)
4.a Address for Communication
4.b Telephone (Office)
4.c Fax
4.d Email
4.e Website
5 Proof of Address (Any Two) (Shops & Establishment, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Bank Statement)
6 Names of the Authorized Representative, Designation & E-mail id
7.a MTO License Number
7.b MTO Dated
7.c MTO Validity
8.a Paid-Up Capital as declared to D.G. Shipping (Latest)
8.b Turn-over as declared to D.G. Shipping (Latest)
8.c Details of Insurance Cover with validity
9.a If Joint Stock Company, is the applicant registered in India as a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, if so please state the place and date of registration with ROC REG No.
9.b If not, please state the country of incorporation
10 Name and address of Bankers